Women in green eyes is often difficult to experiment with makeup, fearing that it would ruin the dramatic aspect of her green eyes. Does it happen if I said that you no longer need to worry and that you can follow your green eyes dramatic dramatized? Sounds good right? I bet you do. Green eyes can be improved through the use of the correct shades of concealer, shadow, pencils mascara and kohl. All you need to know is, the colors you want to use for their makeup and how to use them in a perfect combination. Listed below are some tips from makeup of eyes and techniques for the application of make-up for eyes color green hazelnuts.

Makeup for green eyes – colors and tones

Given that our objective is to dramatize and improve eye color Hazel Green and not mitigate them, you should work on them with shades that do not compete with the color of the eyes. If the eyes are of a darker green tone, and then choose the lighter colors and are green light shaded hazel, select darker shades. Also remember that the colors must complement the occasion which could lead to. To apply the makeup of green eyes, choose colors such as peach, violet, purple, Brown, bronze, mauve, Tan and beige. Colors of shadow and eye pencils should be used in combination, rather than using the same color for both. Shadow tones taupes, choral, MOCA and lilacs work very well to create that dramatic effect with green eyes.

Tips for implementing green eye shadow

The most important step in makeup for green eyes is the application of eye shadow. Choose any of the above-mentioned shadows and avoid shades of pink, white, grey and blue. For the application, choose a color clear as the highlight. For example, Lila may be a good marker of highlighted. Row in a single thick stroke is to apply it to the bone and applied uniformly in the bone. Then apply a darker shade, say a deep purple color, to the fold of the eyes and mix well, until that apply evenly on the crease. This combination of purple and deep purple will be a stark effect your Hazel Green eyes. To see more subtle, you can try using a combination of light of bronze and brown.

Tips for applying eyeliner / eye pencil with green eyes

Apply eyeliner pencils of eyes or eye to green eyes with shadow, will increase the makeup. Eyeliner pencil of eyes or eye makeup for Hazel Green eyes should be dark gray, gold, plums and violets or tones or Brown and bronze tones. Apply eyeliner pencil of eyes or eye in the form of foreign ‘v’ of the eyelid by slipping sobre without problems. Apply eyeliner pencil of eyes or eye in lower, on the outer edge. If you are using a liner, allowing good dry and avoid the flashing does not stain.

Tips for applying the mask with green eyes

Mascara for make-up for green eyes should be well the transparent one or any shade of brown. Apply the mask in a uniform way after using a Player tab tabs.

Make-up for eyes Hazel Green smoke

To create an appearance of smoky eyes with green eyes, start with the use of a base of shade or a spell of eye. Apply the darker shade in the crease in a uniform way, in a move upward and outward so that it tapers towards the outer edge of the eye. Do the outer edge of the eye, up and down, darker than the inner edges. Applying the eyeliner on the upper eyelid and halfway in the lower eyelid. Sculpt your eyebrows by filling with dark brown eyebrow powder.

Once finished the makeup of green eyes, sure take with confidence and welcome all the praise with a smile!
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