Just as shoes were first designed to act as protective coverings for the feet and only later evolved into fashion accessories, laptop carrying cases have evolved from protective covers for computers into fashion statements. Why not? You need your laptop case as much as you need shoes, so you might as well get one that looks good while you’re at it. There are plenty of them to choose from.

If that takes you by surprise, then you haven’t been observing the fashion trends very closely lately. We usually take our cues from the movies, so when Hollywood stars like Jason Statham and Tom Cruise show up in films sporting the latest in laptop carrying cases, you know there is a fashion trend emerging. When a cute starlet gets snapped on the street by a paparazzi carrying a hot pink laptop case, you know that pretty soon it is going to be the “in” fashion accessory for girls around the glode.

Now are you convinced that laptop carrying cases are as much of a fashion items as shoes or handbags are? Why wouldn’t they be? We all have to wear clothes and shoes and we all have our individual tastes, so we have many styles of clothes and shoes to choose between. Now that we all have laptops and need something to carry them in, it stands to reason we would want to have a number of cases to choose between, depending on what we wanted or needed it for at any given time.

What girl has just one handbag? Some girls have dozens of them so they always have something that goes with their outfit or the occasion. These days, more and more female fashion victims are buying laptop carrying cases the way they buy handbags. They’ll have one for work, one for school and one for weekends. She might have a pink one that she takes to the beach with her on the weekend, a gloss white one for school and a more sophisticated black case for work. Guys who want to look cool and sophisticated like the wood laptop case that they saw in Mission Impossible III.

Even though there are so many different finishes to choose from, the majority of people still choose natural aluminum laptop carrying cases. No matter how many of them you see, they are still standouts. Their different sizes, detailing and designs give them their individuality, but all of them say the same thing: you are in tune with the latest trend. The only problem with these cases is that you have to carry them around closed and can’t show off their designer interiors until you sit down at a crowded streetside FiWi cafe. Then you can position the opened case so everybody can see what great taste you have.

Of course, some people like to pretend to themselves and to others that they are indifferent to fashion. Nobody is really immune, though. Even if you just want to fit in, you want to fit in with style. When you go to the office, you feel better about yourself if you’re carrying an aluminum carrying case than if you’re carrying a cheap, plain soft case.

Don’t worry: you won’t max out your credit card buying laptop carrying cases the way you might with clothes and shoes. They are really very affordable. Even better, you are bound to be disappointed when nobody notices those expensive shoes you bought, but everybody will notice and admire your laptop carrying case. They don’t need to know how little it cost you, either and won’t give your secret away when they buy one themselves.
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