Linen is an incredibly versatile fabric. It is strong and long lasting, and can be made into clothing, bedding, towels, and even used in making upholstery. But best of all are it's good looks, and the fact that it is kinder to the environment than any other fabric.

Linen fabric for upholstery makes more sense than any other fabric. Linen is strong, and that makes it long lasting, so ensuring that your furniture lasts for as long as it is possible to last. It is also naturally resistant to staining, and this will help it to maintain its original, beautiful appearance for longer a lot longer than cotton or man made fabrics may do.

There is no static build up with linen, as there can be with man made fabrics. This means that linen will not act as a dust magnet as man made fabric can when the furniture is used frequently.
This helps it to stay cleaner for longer, requiring only a gentle brush or vacuum on a regular basis in order to keep it looking good.

For more serious soiling, linen can be spot cleaned with water or glycerin, and heavy soiling can be resolved by putting removable linen upholstery covers in the washing machine. Alternatively, it can often be dry cleaned.

For those people who are concerned about the environment, linen is the best choice possible for upholstery fabric. Man made fibres are made from petroleum products, in a way that can cause pollution and other damage to the environment. They also add to the ever increasing use of our limited fossil fuels.

Cotton, though a natural product, used a large amount of artificial fertiliser and pesticides in order to it grow and give a good crop yield.
These chemicals can cause pollution in streams, rivers and lakes, and may lead to the over growth of algae in these bodies of water. Algae can eventually take over and choke the lake, killing the other plants, and even the fish that live in it.

Linen though, requires much less intensive farming. It needs less than a fifth of the amount of fertilisers that cotton does, so reducing the risk of its growth causing a negative effect. When combined with the fact that it is possible to make linen cloth from the flax plant with far less processing than other methods need, it make linen the best option for anyone who is buying furniture, who is also concerned about the environment.

For those who want a chic appearance for their furniture, again there is no better choice. This is a versatile fabric that can be dyed or printed, to give any number of contemporary or traditional styles. It even looks good when it is unprocessed and natural, and feels great too. Linen is a very soft fabric that does not pill, so does not become scratchy, or start to look old.

When you are look at your upholstery choices, linen is the best of all worlds. It is stylish and chic, durable, and yet kind to the environment. What more could you want?
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