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This week has been insane so far, but that really isn't anything new for me at this point hehe. I have been super productive at work, going through old files and making sure all the ends are tied, things are a mess in the inventory control department and I have a ton to do for the transportation department, I foresee some overtime in the future.  School is wrapping up, I am finishing my last papers and projects and today after work I picked up Louie, came home and made dinner (yummy tuna salad sandwiches on bagels) did the dishes, then headed over to Ferndale to listen in on the Beautification committee meeting for my last journalism paper. There were only four people there and they were so funny and really nice. Then I went back home and cleaned up the house, took out the garbage and recycling and now Kyle is munching on his tuna and we are getting ready to take Louie for a walk around the neighborhood. I love having such productive days, I love being in "go go go" mode because the more I get done during the week means more relaxing time on the weekends!

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I have actually thought a lot this past week on how to make the most of my time. The house needs so much work and we have so much to sort through, clean and organize. The whole place needs a good scrub and the yard is going to need a good haul. Plus there is the normal everyday cleaning and grocery shopping and whatnot. So, I made a new rule, Kyle and I are going to avoid going out or hanging out on weeknights. We both have been getting to work so late this semester and we need to fix that now that school is almost out. The plan is to hangout with friends on the weekend, have dinner with the parents on Sunday nights still, and I am going to make a point to keep either Friday night or Sunday mornings free for me to have alone time. I am looking forward to spending time reading or watching Gilmore Girls on DVD again, haha I am such an old lady.

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No worries, it also should open up a little more time for me to blog! And I have some pretty cool things coming up that I really cannot wait to share with everyone, gah I am excited! It all starts tomorrow evening so stay tuned!

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Floral cardi-Forever 21
Dress-Mod cloth

Song "Diamonds on the soles of her shoes" by Paul Simon
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