Traveling to an interesting nation is not only about the geography, culture and beautiful sightseeing. A key factor that contributes to the attractive destination is food – cuisine and exotic fruits. When the summer is coming, we suggest ten tropical fruits that you should try.

Squared Watermelon
While round watermelons never seem to fit the refrigerators, consumers have been interested in square watermelon which is the great innovation of Japan. About 20 years ago, a farmer Zentsuji in Kagawa prefecture came up with the idea of a cube-shaped watermelon. The farmer has put the growing watermelons into a square glass boxes and the watermelon grows into the shape naturally. The fruit is available in upmarket supermarkets, mainly in Tokyo and Osaka.
Squared Watermelon

Dragon fruit
Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, is the food with black crunchy seeds and sweet flavor.

Star fruit
The star fruit got its name from the five pointed star shape when it is cut in the middle.

Ackee, the national fruit of Jamaica, is the main fruit of any Caribbean cuisines.

Buddha's Hand
Buddha's Hand is often used for infusing with spirits and making into liqueurs rather than eating.

The pomegranate originated from the Mediterranean region long time ago.

The kiwano or horned melon has inside shape of an oval melon but features horn-like spines.

Having been named as the strangest looking food, rambutan has hairy cover, huge seed in the center and pretty taste.

Urucu plant, also called Bixa orellana, grows in the tropical region of the Americas (mostly in the Amazon) and in the Southeast Asia.

Mangosteen is famous for its delicious sweet, purple peel and white–flesh inside.

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