This gain in the same stack as Jennifer Lopez "Most Beautiful" by People magazine - Jessica Simpson Us Weekly called "Style Icon of the Year" this year. For.

Real. It is not enough to talk about her fashion line - which, however, very lucky.

They say Jessica Simpson as a style icon, because it takes things like reindeer socks (pushed the limits), translucent and ripped pants muumuus to fancy restaurants. But ... I must say, Jessica Simpson interview "We pretty weekly game. It uses the expression I'm totally stealing. Carry, nothing!

    Describe your style.
    JS: Very relaxed, with a flash of light. I love wearing jeans with a corset, or vice versa: a flannel shirt dress. Even if I'm close to my house and my favorite sweater Uggs tasty legs, I'm still on the screen or something sweet.
    In retrospect, the risk of not working?
    JS: high-waisted jeans risk for me - I'm running! Not work if I put something important and high platforms flattering, but I'm not a turtleneck.

If I skip the clavicle, which obliquely UNI-tit. We have several high-waisted jeans that I can try. But it makes me sweat, I have to say!
    Who are your favorite designers?
    JS: Donna Karan for the night, Alexander McQueen for spring and summer. I'd like a little gift from Etro, as the mantle. Like H & M, Topshop and low-end fashion pieces.

    Ashley is a style of your advisor?
    JS: My sister can do and it works. My challenge to the curves. I should be more aware of what I have, so I do not see the full set of tools. Ashley is a rock star!
    Do you design your wedding dress?
    JS: I think every bride wants to be involved. I'm still trying to figure out what we can do all the shots. We have four days of treatment - both have big families, so I think it will eventually cool!
    What makes you feel sexy?
    JS: Eric takes my feminine side. His love - even if I blow my nose - I feel sexy. Although I would not say what I feel like a man sexy. Now I am even more like someone in my life.

[From Us Weekly]

I LOVE "If you break your collarbone, which oblique Uni-boob." I feel the same! It's like ... Once the breasts of a certain size, you really can not make a turtleneck or high. You look like a heavy mass, mono-boobed. Have some skin side up, only to watch and a show regular. Oh, Jessica. I love you for this content.
I also liked oblivion with high-waisted jeans risk for me. "Um, right? Because, historically, most disasters have started the fashion for high waist jeans Jessica, and has nothing to do with it too short, and everything to do with his big belly. Be that as nothing!

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