Lauren Bush Wedding, Lauren Bush David Lauren marriage will not only be an expensive shindig. Word family have so much invested in the marriage and the wedding will be a kind of recovery plan for the town of Ridgeway, Colorado

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s known already, as a boost to the local economy, but the marriage will leave an indelible mark on literally the region. The Durango Herald reports that local workers built a chapel and a baseball field specifically for marriage in recent months – and then it is unlikely that anyone who is not Lauren (or Bush… or Lauren Bush) will have access to them, their construction has some money in local pockets.

Other than that, the two families are discreet about how

much they’ve ponied to Lauren and David’s special day, and some local suppliers have even signed confidentiality agreements that prevent them from talking about it.

But do not talk about costs does not mean sellers cannot speak of the content. A flower shop owner in the area says she was filling the house with sunflowers – and there’s entertainment. We reported this week that there may be royalty and former heads of state at the wedding, but we did not know they would be taking in a rodeo when they were in Ridgeway.

[Ralph] Lauren bought 100 tickets at $ 8 each rodeo for her wedding guests to see the Broncos cutting and control blurs on Labor Day. They will sit in the stands stands engraved in a metal awning, Ouray Fairgrounds manager Susan Long said.

“We do not have dressing rooms, but we will hang a rope around their seats, so they are all together. Mr. Lauren hired vans to transport them from the ranch of the fair,” Long said. “He and his wife, Ricky, who came to the rodeo every year.”

And while $ 800 does not sound like a huge investment, imagine how many nachos all these people will buy.

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