A Trend by definition: 'A general direction in which something is developing or changing' In the Wedding industry this change seems to happens faster than the you can say I Do! Here are a few of our favorites that we think have some Staying Power for 2012!


1. Vintage Weddings
Couples are choosing a more elegant and sophisticated look. Wedding décor represents vintage patterns, invitations scripted calligraphy and customs monograms. Vintage cars to the old Hollywood style look gowns. Vintage florals, table decor and linens! We love it All!

2. Metallic Grey is the New Black
Move over black - grey is the new "it" color. Grey pairs well with any color. From stylish suits for the groom and his boys to lovely grey bridesmaid dresses. We started to see grey become more of a popular choice for stationery, linens and decor just to name a few. Combine it with a soft pink or yellow for a classic look or keep it modern and match it to black, navy or purple for a stylish fresh take.

3. Embracing your Ethnic Backgrounds
Guests love when the wedding couple embrace their heritage and showcasing more ethnic style in their wedding. We find this in the form of religious and cultural practices and traditions being observed, cultural attire by all attendees, ethnic foods were being served and wedding décor features bold cultural prints.

4. Charitable Favors
We know this has staing power - donating money to a charity in lieu of wedding favors. Our brides and grooms choose charities that they were either involved in or that were near and dear to their hearts. Giving back never goes out of style!

5. Artful - Photography
Gone are the days of the styled and posed photo shoot! Couples are looking for more non-traditional location shoots, old school glamour shots and of course more visually interesting candid photography.

6. Candy Stations: You always remember your favorite candy as a kid...now it's time to incorporate it into your big day! Candy bars, candy buffets & candy stations are the sweetest thing to happen to a bride since the cupcake. Brides are requesting candy stations at their engagement parties, showers & wedding receptions because they are budget friendly, a popular treat, can blend with any decorator's color scheme and are available in wide variety of flavor options....really who doesn't love candy!

7. "Green" Weddings & Invitations
Couples are certainly more eco-conscious and we help them find ways to reduce their carbon footprint. From 100% recycled paper to even paperless wedding invitations, couples go green! Couples also rely on websites like weddingwire.com or theknot.com to manage their guest lists, seating charts, registry's and more!

8. Island Wedding Gowns & Bridesmaid styles & Bridal Shoes!
Here in Key West we get to keep it strapless - flowing and beachy all year round! We do think that open back dresses are the trend for this year... bring your 'sexy back!' For our Bridesmaids - we love to see the Bride choose her color and let the girls choose the style that suites them individually!...and don't forget the Brides Shoes... WILD..FUN..Bright...you name it - go for it!

9. Food Trucks
Food trucks! Who would have thought a food truck would be popular at a wedding. But, these are not your local hot dog stands. Food trucks have become a popular trend for events period! Elaborate, five star meals are being prepared from these gourmet kitchens on wheels! This is especially popular with outdoor weddings. Guest can interact with different food stations, from appetizers, to entrees to dessert. This is a real crowd pleaser!

10. Outdoor Weddings
What can we say... Key West is the Place for Outdoor Weddings!! Couples are looking for non-traditional locations that showcase their personal style, or have sentimental value to them. More couples were looking for extravagant backdrops to their weddings ceremonies, and uniqe spaces for their receptions like rooftop restaurants, lavish gardens and of course the tropical beaches

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